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Lash Curler

  • Why use a Heated Lash Curler?

    • Applying heat is the most effective way to curl lashes
    • Increases the appearance of lash length by extending lashes upward and away from the eye
    • Provides superior control over curl intensity
    • Will not pinch delicate eyelids
    • As simple as applying mascara


    Look at the huge difference using a heated lash curler makes on the eyes below!

    Before & After using blinc's Heated Lash Curler! Before & After using blinc's Heated Lash Curler!


    How To!


    1. Begin with clean, dry lashes

    2. Turn the Heated Lash Curler on; once the heat indicator turns yellow place the lash curler against the base of your lashes and slowly comb through the lashes in an upward motion for top lashes and downward for bottom. To achieve a little extra curl place the curler gently against lashes for s few seconds and repeat throughout the length of the lashes

    3. Once finished it is important to apply tubing mascara to the lashes as traditional paint mascaras tend to be heavy and may weigh down the curl. blinc mascara is a perfect paring as it forms tiny tubes around each perfectly curled lash thereby creating a cast that will hold the curl until you decide to remove your eye makeup!


    If you haven't already, pick up blinc's heated lash curler and begin to experience a whole new set of lashes!

  • Leighton Meester shares skin and lash secrets with Glamour

    It's no secret that many women yearn to resemble the glamorous ladies who walk the red carpets. However, most of these starlets have teams of makeup artists and stylists that work for hours to help them look their best before attending events or stepping on stage.

    While few people are able to hire their own cosmetics crew, ladies can take a few tips from one of Hollywood's most gorgeous gals - Leighton Meester. The Gossip Girl star recently spoke to Glamour magazine about some of her beauty secrets.

    Instead of following a strict regiment, it seems that Meester uses her instincts to figure out when to use skincare products. "I listen to what my skin is telling me," the young ingenue told the news source. "Sometimes it's like, 'I need lotion right now,' and sometimes it just wants to breathe."

    However, Meester does have a go-to trick for looking great in an instant. "Curl your lashes," she added. "It really helps you look more awake and alive."

    It appears that the brunette beauty was blessed with naturally luxurious lashes, but some women may benefit from a bit of assistance before they're ready to pick up an eyelash curler. A lengthening product, like blinc Long Lash, helps natural lashes appear longer, fuller and thicker.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19932013-ADNFCR

  • Expert tips for getting long, full lashes

    Women who have always pined for long and impeccably defined lashes are in luck. Celebrity makeup artist Julie Harris recently spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle about how to achieve gorgeously full lashes.

    To start, Harris recommends using an eyelash curler as close to the roots of your lashes as possible without pinching your skin. After pressing down for a few seconds, move the curler a little farther out and press down again. Repeat these steps until your lashes are fully curled.

    To set the curl, apply mascara. Position the wand at the base of your lashes, wiggle the applicator from side to side and brush straight up though your lashes. According to Harris, you should separate the top quarter of your lashes with an eyelash comb to create a feathery look.

    After the first coat has dried (this may take about two minutes), apply two more coats to each eye, taking time to separate lashes and allowing the formula to dry between applications.

    Finally, Harris suggests holding the wand vertically and lightly brushing it across lower lashes from the inner to the outer corner.

    While these tips will enhance lashes, ladies who require a bit more assistance can use a product like blinc Long Lash, which makes natural lashes appear fuller, thicker and longer.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19934395-ADNFCR

  • Give your lashes the curl they've always deserved

    give+your+lashes+the+curl+they+ve+always+deserved_3356_800643262_0_0_7042679_300If you're constantly getting compliments on your hair and smile, you might be wondering why no one takes the time to mention your eyes. Have you ever thought about how your lashes could potentially be holding you back?

    Women with straight, short lashes often have eyes that appear small as a result, which can take away from the beauty of them and how they complement the rest of the face. If you're tired of having everything envied but your beautiful eyes and mascara just isn't doing the trick, you might want to take action.

    All you may need is a little curl - and what better way to achieve this than with the blinc heated eyelash curler? Unlike other heated eyelash curlers on the market, this product is designed to evenly distribute heat across all of your lashes for a radiant curl.

    Once you're ready to bat your lids, throw on some blinc lash primer and tube mascara to finish the job. You'll be glad to know that this makeup won't run, regardless of how much you sweat throughout the day. In the evening, just rub it all off with a little warm water before you hit the hay.

  • A heated eyelash curler could be the ideal stocking stuffer for your favorite fashionista

    a+heated+eyelash+curler+could+be+the+ideal+stocking+stuffer+for+your+favorite+fashionista_3356_800654905_0_0_7070088_300Whether you're shopping for a friend who has an uncanny sense of fashion, finding something that can help her out with her morning routine is essential. While investing in tube mascara or liquid eyeliner are both great ideas, helping her maintain a fabulous application of these products with a heated eyelash curler could be the ideal option.

    A heated eyelash curler has a number of advantages over its powerless counterpart. The amount of effort needed to craft the perfect curl with a standard device could cause damage to your friend's roots if she isn't careful. They also have a tendency to clamp or dent lashes as well.

    Using a heated eyelash curler will eliminate many of these shortcomings and delivers the precise amount of heat to her lashes for the perfect curl every time. She can then apply a bit of mascara and a touch of eyeliner for a dynamic look for a night on the town or in the office.

    Achieving the perfect lash curl is the dream of any fashionista, and you can help your friend perk up her everyday ensembles with this incredibly effective device.

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