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  • Get right with red lipstick

    get+right+with+red+lipstick_3356_800291795_0_0_7067024_300Red lips can make any woman look like a siren, but the wrong kind of red can just as easily turn you into an emergency 911 case.

    Different shades of reds suit different skin tones, so pay attention to what flatters you as you select your lip color.

    According to, fair-skinned ladies should opt for lighter, coral reds that won't look harsh on their faces. Those with medium complexions can choose from a range of colors, including true red and pinkish reds with cranberry tones. Women with dark skin can go for the deepest shades of plum, brick and burgundy, since bright colors may be overpowering.

    Finally, the news source suggests that you keep it light with the lip gloss, since the bold color will do enough to make your mouth stand out.

    A bright mouth should almost always be paired with minimal eye makeup as well, but forgoing the mascara can be a major error. Pair your sensuous mouth with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its long-lasting water-resistant formula will give you optimum hold all day, so you won't need to reapply anything else besides your lipstick.

  • Unleash your inner child with candy-pink lips

    There are better ways to achieve a candy-colored pout than sucking on more lollipops than your body can readily handle.

    For a delectably youthful look, opt for hot pink or fire-engine red lipstick like our girl Natalie Portman. The ballet queen showed up to the IFP's 20th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards with a playful, sideways bun and the hottest shade of bright pink lipstick she could find. She paired her pout with bubblegum pink cheeks and a barely-there soft gray shadow with thick black lashes.

    Who knew that subtly matching lips and cheeks could look so appealing? Follow Portman's lead and complement your lips with an equally vibrant shade of blush, though you should still go easy on the application.

    With the rest of your face making such a statement, eyes should be kept fairly neutral. Finish with a few coats of blinc Mascara for long-lasting fun.

  • Boost the novelty factor with an orange pout

    boost+the+novelty+factor+with+an+orange+pout_3356_800332645_0_0_7042690_300While 2011 may have only just begun, it seems that everyone's already eagerly anticipating which new looks will be hot in the coming seasons. highlighted the vivacious tangerine pout of Arielle Vandenberg, who showed up to a recent event flaunting full-bodied waves that were as lively as her lipstick, which she expertly paired with strong brows and a plum shadow.

    We can't decide if it's the contrasting eye and lip colors or the brightness of her lipstick that made her look so startlingly original, but ladies can surely take a page out of her book by turning up the heat on their pouts.

    Pair bright orange lipstick with either a neutral eyeshadow or a contrasting shade of purple, blue or green. Emulate Vandenberg's groomed finish with blinc Eyebrow Mousse, which will lend color and fullness to sparse brows, as well as a couple coats of long-lasting blinc Mascara. Polish the look with a generous application of black liquid eyeliner.

  • Beat the cold with a bright pout

    beat+the+cold+with+a+bright+pout_3356_800350289_0_0_7023450_300For the same reason that people pull out the bright scarves and mittens when moods and temperatures reach an all-time low, colorful lipstick can provide a powerful antidote to the wintertime blues - and a sexy one at that. suggests using this trick for maximum impact on the go, as just a little bright lip color and a couple coats of mascara can instantly change your whole look.

    For a picture-perfect pout, Glamour recommends prepping lips with balm and using a soft toothbrush to gently exfoliate your mouth. Before you slick on lip color, apply concealer to the corners of your mouth and use lipliner to help prevent bleeding. Additionally, using a lip brush can help you achieve the precision you desire.

    Once you're done, you'll only need mascara to complete the look, according to the news source. Apply a couple coats of blinc Mascara for an on-the-go solution that'll give you optimum hold throughout the day and won't require any touch-ups.

  • Why you might want to use makeup to play up your left eye

    Have you ever noticed that one side of your face always seems to look better than the other? Whether you consistently find yourself angling your "good side" to the camera or just think that your silhouette is more flattering from a particular vantage point, science now suggests that there's a clear winner when it comes to most people's more flattering facial half

    According to a recent study at Wake Forest University, the left side of people's faces is usually considered the most attractive. When researchers took photos of both sides of the face and had viewers rank the attractiveness, the left side usually scored higher. The images were even flipped in some cases so the right looked like the left and vice versa - and people still chose the image on the left.

    Glamour Magazine's beauty blog speculates that this could have something to do with the fact that research has shown that the left side of the face is more expressive. Either way, it might be worth it to put a little extra effort into applying your blinc tube mascara and liquid eyeliner on your left eye!

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