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Get The Real Blinc

As the blinc brand continues to grow as a result of its beloved customers, unfortunately so do instances of diversion and counterfeit and/or tampered with product. Our company does not support these activities. Please call 1-877-454-7763 to report questionable product. Thank you.

be aware!
Authentic blinc products are primarily sold through professional channels like salons, spas and beauty supply stores.

If the product doesn't look and/or is not packaged like the images on our site, it is most likely not the real thing.

Independent tests of counterfeit / tampered /expired product found high levels of bacteria that can potentially harm people as they contained  unsafe and/or inferior ingredients.

Loyalty means a lot. Reward the hard working professional that introduce you to blinc by shopping at their store. We need them to properly explain how blinc products are different from all other brands!

Knock offs are inferior. Although many companies have tried to knock off blinc's tubing mascara and other innovations, none have come close to our performance characteristics. To really appreciate our technology breakthroughs, stick with original blinc products.

LNE & Spa's
Best Product 2013

City Award 2013
Cosmetic Innovator