A two-minute trick for glowing skin

a+two+minute+facial+massage+is+all+it+takes_3356_800771074_0_0_7040301_300If you're the type of person who doesn't always wake up with a glowing, refreshed complexion (and who is?), you might be looking for ways to revitalize your face in the morning. Instead of spending tons of money on cleansers and exfoliants, there's one simple, two-minute way to restore your glow, according to BellaSugar.com.

All it takes is a little massaging after cleaning and moisturizing your skin. Using your knuckles, gently massage the area underneath your eyes and above your cheekbones for two minutes. The source reports that doing so will stimulate more blood flow to the area, restoring nutrients and bringing back your natural glow.

After you've spent the time giving your face a bit of TLC, you won't have to struggle to get good results from your makeup. Your favorite blinc tube mascara and liquid eyeliner will help further improve your look by defining your eyes and making them appear wider and more awake. You'll never have to worry about looking tired in the morning again!


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