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Blinc Trivia: Sheer shadow can hide your rushed exits

blinc+trivia+sheer+shadow+can+hide+your+rushed+exits_3356_800513995_0_0_14001100_300Unless you're a drill sergeant, you're prone to run late every now and then - it happens to the best of us. Those hurried exits always scream of the minimal makeup, default clothing ensemble and just-barely-made-it shower (or none at all), but you don't always have to let the world know.

If you're running late, chances are you'll have to skip your full face of makeup, but there are subtle alternatives you can pick to help you achieve a professional-looking finish with a haphazard application of the fingers. Sheer, creamy formulas in the form of tinted moisturizers, cream blushes and shimmery shadows are the name of the game.

This is an especially wise move if you don't have time to apply your eyeshadow base, as a sheer, light shade of ivory or champagne tends to stay on throughout the day (and if it creases, we certainly can't tell).

Do make sure to opt for a high-performance product such as blinc Mascara. The water-resistant tubing formula binds to your lashes for unbeatable hold, and it won't flake, run or smudge onto your lovely, angelic lids.

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