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Blinc Trivia: Why metallic lids are so easy to pull off

blinc+trivia+why+metallic+lids+are+so+easy+to+pull+off_3356_800464929_0_0_14009555_300The woman on the go is always in search of the perfect, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants makeup routine that will have her looking poised in polish in less than five minutes. However, sometimes this speedy look is also good for a night on the town, and even if you have hours to get ready, looking like you did it in no time can be quite the winning move.

According to Allure, metallic lids are not only super sexy, but should only really take about 30 seconds to do.

"It takes a certain kind of woman - specifically, the smoking hot kind - to get away with eyelids dripping in rich gold shadow," the news source suggests. "Don't wimp out with safe bronze or pale copper - try pure gold...smeared on from the lashes to the crease."

Women who are also bent on saving a little extra time throughout the rest of the day should top off the look with blinc Mascara. Its revolutionary long-lasting formula means it won't require touch-ups, and you can rest assured your lashes will look just as flawless from morning to night.

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