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Bridal makeup tips to consider before your beach wedding

bridal+makeup+tips+to+consider+before+your+beach+wedding_3356_800691732_0_0_14022985_300With your destination wedding on the horizon, soon you'll be jetting off to a tropical location and celebrating your nuptials with your friends and family. You may think you've planned for every contingency, but the unique nature of the climate could cause problems for your cosmetics. A few smudges or runny products on your wedding day and your entire wedding album could be ruined!

Mascara is a constant worry on your wedding day, so make it easier on yourself by opting for tube mascara. This will protect your cosmetics from smudging by encasing your lashes in tubes, so even the humid tropical weather won't cause your makeup to run.

With the hot sun beating down, be sure to use a moisturizer with a significant SPF rating. This will allow your skin to keep the fresh and radiant glow you're looking for and spare you from looking sunburned at the reception.

A few advanced preparations and water-resistant blinc products will ensure that you look absolutely dazzling in your wedding pictures. They will allow you to mingle and enjoy every moment of your big day without having to rush off and fix your makeup.


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