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Choosing makeup that can keep up with all of your bridal activities

choosing+makeup+that+can+keep+up+with+all+of+your+bridal+activities_3356_800613090_0_0_14006188_300Bridal makeup is one of the toughest facets of your wedding to plan for, and it can quickly become overdone if you're not careful. This is supposed to be the most glamorous day of your life, but the secret to making your look shine throughout your big day is to embrace neutral makeup shades and cosmetics that can handle the rigors of your active day.

Eyeshadow should be at the bottom of your list on your wedding day. As much as it seems tempting to throw a dash of color on your eyes, you're much better served with a nude foundation and a touch of mascara.

Lipstick is also another tempting facet of your look, but this should be kept subdued as well. Go with a soft pink lip color that won't steal the show. After all, your dress is the most opulent part of your outfit, so don't stress about the minute details.

With all the running around you'll be doing during your big day, you don't want your mascara to run at any point, so try blinc Mascara. This innovative product encases your lashes in tubes, which will prevent them from flaking or smudging throughout the day.


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