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Crafting a makeup look that can keep up with your busy schedule

crafting+a+makeup+look+that+can+keep+up+with+your+busy+schedule_3356_800622060_0_0_7074478_300Finding the perfect combination of cosmetics that are appropriate for work is a challenge in its own right, but finding a style that can last all day is even harder. Since you're probably not going to be wearing bright and bold eyeshadow at the office, there are some natural looks that you can sport from work to the gym, and then out on the town, without needing a change.

First and foremost, you should keep your makeup look simple and provide much of your burst of color from your lips. Fall is known for its deep and rich hues in cosmetics and attire, but if you're only sporting one hue, you can be adventurous with a bright pink or tangerine lip color.

Prepping your skin with primer and then wearing a bit of nude eyeshadow is a great way to stay fashionable at the office and not have to worry about your makeup at the gym.

A hassle-free eye makeup like blinc Mascara can be a finishing touch for your active look. This product encases your lashes in tubes, which will prevent them from flaking, smudging and running throughout the day.


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