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Don't neglect brows and lashes on wedding day, experts advise

Caught in the midst of a torrential storm of errands, brides-to-be are apt to leave a detail or two hanging.

The Knot asked several beauty experts for their wedding day advice, and they had a few tips sure to be appreciated by women getting ready to walk down the aisle.

According to the source, brides should seek help from professional makeup artists when attempting a complicated task, such as covering a tattoo or applying their own cosmetics. Most of the experts also seemed to agree that less is more when it comes to makeup and hair.

Makeup artist Mimi Johnson told The Knot that brides should pay special attention to their brows, as they frame your face. Schedule an appointment with an aesthetician a few days prior to the wedding to avoid redness.

When selecting your cosmetics, makeup artist Allison Sammel had one piece of advice.

"Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Many women make the mistake of assuming that they won’t cry on their wedding day when, in actuality, they always do," she said. "Use waterproof foundation, primer, eyeliner, and mascara. We don't want makeup running down the face from either tears or too many dances."

A water-resistant tubing mascara is a great option for brides who don't want to worry about tears or touch-ups, as the long-lasting formula won't smudge or smear no matter how many tears are shed.


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