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For party makeup that outlasts the night

for+party+makeup+that+outlasts+the+night_3356_800385150_0_0_7020755_300Even if all the bars in your area have a tragic habit of closing at 2 a.m., your makeup should be the last thing that retires when you're out on the town. Fortunately, Elle Magazine enlisted the help of some of Hollywood's top celebrity makeup artists to spill the deets on their expert long-lasting makeup tricks.

Makeup artist Molly Stern told the news source that she avoids eyebrow pencils if they're too creamy or greasy. Stern encourages readers to go for a hard formula that won't rub off.

There are other options available to the pencil-weary, of course. Use blinc Eyebrow Mousse for its long-lasting, water-resistant formula that sets when it's dry.

As for lashes? Celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin told Elle that she likes gentle formulas that don't clump or fake, but she's not the biggest fan of most leading waterproof brands.

"Waterproof mascara is probably more appropriate for New Year's Eve, but I'm not really a fan of it - I find that it sometimes makes the lashes brittle, and unless you use an oil-based remover, taking it off can cause breakage," she told the news source.

Use blinc Mascara for its revolutionary water-resistant formula. The mascara encases lashes in miniature tubes to create optimum all-day hold, which come off gently at night with just a little warm water.


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