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Forecasting Kate's royal bridal makeup

forecasting+kate+s+royal+bridal+makeup_3356_800247532_0_0_7074040_300The world is abuzz with speculation about Kate Middleton's wedding dress, but what might her makeup look like when she finally weds the Prince?

Thankfully, the girl's got style, so it won't be too hard for brides everywhere to imagine (and draw inspiration from) her soon-to-be wedding style.

The Associated Press describes Kate's fashion as "natural, unforced and unpretentious" and notes that she often opts for solid, neutral colors over funky street fashions. Kate matches this with sophisticated, natural-looking makeup that emphasizes her eyes and not much else.

To mimic her classic, cool look, brides can wear makeup that defines their eyes and soft, natural hues on their lips and cheeks. Feel free to be generous with the liner, but don't extend it past your lash line, which may look less sophisticated.

Kate has great, thick eyebrows, so make sure to fill yours in with a product like blinc Eyebrow Mousse. Finally, a blinc Mascara could allow you to layer those lashes high, and it's water-resistant formula will keep you looking classy with emotions running high.


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