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Glam vs natural in bridal beauty trends

glam+vs+natural+in+bridal+beauty+trends_3356_800269963_0_0_7019942_300Stuck between two extremes when it comes to choosing your wedding day makeup? This year's bridal beauty trends have something to offer for all kinds of ladies, no matter what side of the aisle you may find yourself on.

Celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson told Access Hollywood Live the scoop on glamorous and natural-looking bridal makeup. His top recommendation for both looks? Flawless skin, so that the less makeup you have to apply, the better.

Wilson points to Zoe Saldana for a perfect example of classy sophistication, which features "sexy, sculpted eyes," lots of eyeliner and mascara and bright lip colors.

Blake Lively exemplifies dewy, natural gorgeousness, on the other hand, where "the ultimate goal is to look like you woke up looking this gorgeous," Wilson told the news source. To pull this one off, you'll need bronzer, a soft lip color and naturally glowing skin.

No matter how you choose to look on your big day, full gorgeous lashes will seal the deal. Use blinc Mascara for a long-lasting, flawless finish.


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