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Great makeup for flu season

great+makeup+for+flu+season_3356_800264176_0_0_7034272_300Winter is fast-approaching, and while some may look forward to the upcoming opportunities for ice skating, skiing and snowball fights, it also means that cold and flu season is just around the corner. After stocking up on medicine and chicken soup, women may want to pick up a few beauty products that will help them look great if they happen to catch a cold.

While you may want to reach for a thick foundation to cover your red nose, makeup artist Tina Turnbow advises women to opt for a lighter product.

"I would suggest camouflaging with a tinted moisturizer that sinks in and protects the skin and won't look too cakey or rub off," she told Style.com. If you desire fuller coverage, Turnbow recommends a yellow-based concealer to counteract redness.

Colds are often also accompanied by puffy, watery eyes, which can be less-than-attractive. Luckily, eyeliner and mascara can save the day.

"With eye makeup, use shades with yellow undertones, like warm peachy matte hues. [Use an eyeliner] along the inner rim to eliminate redness, and pile on the mascara...to distract," she told the news source.

An acrylic-based tubing mascara, such as blinc Mascara, won't flake or smudge no matter how much your eyes water.


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