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Here's a better alternative to permanent makeup

here+s+a+better+alternative+to+permanent+makeup_3356_800424690_0_0_7042659_300Some ladies, in the effort to take their good looks to a more consistent level, think that tattooed makeup is the way to go. And for some, this may just be the case - few other cosmetic solutions allow you to go to bed and wake up with perfect eyeliner and brow applications without risking an infection.

"It's amazing how you can wake up looking absolutely fabulous and get ready in five minutes," happy customer Auri Reynoso told The New York Times. "I just apply blush, lip gloss and mascara and I'm done."

However, there are obvious drawbacks to this procedure. It's painful, can be costly, and most of all, it's permanent - how sure can you really be that you'll still be into winged eyeliner in your 60s? Who hasn't heard horror stories of seeing Grandma fresh out of bed with just her tattooed lids gazing at you from beneath their wrinkly folds?

For ladies that want a high-performance mascara that will provide all-but permanent hold throughout the day (yet still come off gently at night), blinc Mascara employs a revolutionary water-resistant long-lasting formula to get your lashes into top shape.


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