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How to get dramatic bridal lashes - while still looking like yourself

how+to+get+dramatic+bridal+lashes+while+still+looking+like+yourself_3356_800695265_0_0_7010174_300Every girl wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day - but nobody wants to look unrecognizable! If you're the kind of gal who usually keeps her makeup natural, walking down the aisle with a face full of pancake makeup and smokey eyes probably isn't your idea of beautiful. So how can you wear makeup that will enhance your natural features, while staying true to your day-to-day style?

One tried-and-true solution is to play up your lashes without focusing too much on colorful shadows or bright lipsticks. Building up your lashes is an easy way to draw attention to your eyes without wearing makeup that will disguise your natural beauty.

For lashes that are impossible to ignore, combine tube mascara with a heated eyelash curler. Start by curling your lashes from root to tip, giving your eyes a more awake, innocent look. Then apply two to three generous coats of tube mascara for a fringe that's feminine, flirty and beautiful.


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