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Josh Lucas marries long-time girlfriend, expecting first child

josh+lucas+marries+long+time+girlfriend+expecting+first+child_3356_800735840_0_0_7036677_300Even though spring is just beginning, many celebrities are heading to the altar to tie the knot, including Josh Lucas. The actor recently announced that he and his new wife, Jessica, have exchanged vows as they await the arrival of their first child, according to US Weekly. Pictures have yet to be released of the wedding, but perhaps Mrs. Lucas sported tube mascara and liquid eyeliner to make her day truly perfect!

While it helps to be married to a celebrity and have an ample amount of cash to spend on your big day, you can still make your wedding flawless by sporting the right makeup.

If you want to look just as hot as Josh Lucas' wife when you walk down the aisle, pick up the liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc. The liquid eyeliner can give you a dramatic look that will last throughout the day, even if a few happy tears are shed.

Instead of putting on fake eyelashes, opt for the tube mascara to give your lashes length. The formula is designed to create additional volume, and it can easily wash away at the end of the day with a little warm water.


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