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Less is more when planning your bridal makeup

less+is+more+when+planning+your+bridal+makeup_3356_800642576_0_0_14023370_300While it may be tempting to showcase a trendy eye makeup look or sport your favorite smoky eye ensemble for your upcoming nuptials, you may end up detracting from your look in the process. Today's wedding makeup trends are about minimalism and feeling comfortable in your own skin, so try to find that balance when planning out your wedding cosmetics.

Today's bridal fashions are known for their soft and natural aesthetics, so instead of opting for a dark eyeshadow or copious amounts of eyeliner, use the time period before your wedding to revitalize your skin. Make an appointment for a few facials to ensure that you have a natural glow on your wedding day.

If you're interested in wearing eyeshadow, go with a sheer sparkling formula instead of a bold color. This can add a touch of glitter to your lids without overwhelming the overall look of your makeup.

With all the running around you'll be doing on your wedding day, make sure your eye makeup stays put with blinc Eye Shadow Primer. This hassle-free product will prevent your cosmetics from smudging, creasing and fading throughout your big day.


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