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Makeup items you will and won't need in your bridal clutch

makeup+items+you+will+and+won+t+need+in+your+bridal+clutch_3356_800283568_0_0_7052390_300That clutch you're bringing with you to your next wedding may be smaller than your fist, but with the right strategy, you'll be able to optimize the space in there to fit all of your essentials.

According to Glamour.com, ladies in the bridal party should be able to narrow down their makeup stash to just three items for the big day.

Even if you're not a usually sweaty gal, bring some blotting papers with you anyway - you won't want shine on your forehead in all those pictures, and it's not like they'll take up that much room either. The news source also suggests carrying a tube of lipstick or lip gloss, as well as concealer for any sudden breakouts or last minute touch-ups.

Think you need to economize any further? Using blinc Mascara will eliminate any thought of lugging your mascara around. Its long-lasting, water-resistant formula stays on the way it goes on, meaning it won't run, flake or smudge, no matter how emotional (or sweaty) you get. With the extra space you'll save, your purse will have room for other necessities, such as a small mirror, a digital camera and mints.


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