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Makeup looks to avoid when you're getting ready for work

makeup+looks+to+avoid+when+you+re+getting+ready+for+work_3356_800618216_0_0_7033202_300Even the most beautifully manicured makeup look can seem out of place in an office environment, so it's important to know the right mixture of color and style to create something that's work appropriate, but can still amp up the look of your ensemble, according to MyJoyOnline.com.

The smoky eye look is a dramatic take for social situations, but it's out of place in an office setting. If you're looking to add a bit more definition to your lids, opt for eyeliner instead. You can place a small amount over your top and bottom lids to add a touch of color without going over the top.

If you're still gung-ho about wearing eyeshadow, avoid bright and bold colors. Instead, wear earthy tones such as nude styles, pink, peach or light brown. These are adaptable to any season and can add some warmth to your ensemble.

To make sure that your eyeliner stays brilliant throughout the day, go with a hassle-free product like blinc Eyeliner. It will provide a water-resistant layer of color that won't run, smudge or flake throughout the day and can be taken off without the use of harsh makeup remover.


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