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Makeup must-haves for frequent fliers

makeup+must+haves+for+frequent+fliers_3356_800510668_0_0_7076265_300From one woman to another, we all know that climbing 30,000 feet into the air is a virtual ravage for our skin, hair and general sense of physical vitality. Most ladies gave up on primping for their red-eyes long, long ago, but even if you don't get dolled up for take-off, you can still pack a few makeup essentials in your carry-on to help you freshen up upon landing.

1. Moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer. The altitude saps all of the moisture out of your skin, which is the number one cause of that dull, haggard complexion you walk off the plane with. Pack a 3-ounce bottle and thank us later.

2. A small tube of concealer for touch-ups and a pressed powder compact. Even if you don't need full-on makeup, you might be glad you packed this when you're able to quickly hide that zit and zap that shiny forehead prior to the baggage claim.

3. A tube of blinc Mascara. Most women agree that sans all other makeup, a reliable budge-proof mascara is a daily essential. Its water-resistant tubing formula will help ensure that if you wear it on the plane, you won't need to reapply it again - but keep it handy in case you board the plane with a totally bare face.


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