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Pack your bags: An active woman's guide to makeup on the go

pack+your+bags+an+active+woman+s+guide+to+makeup+on+the+go_3356_800442404_0_0_930_300Whether you're already branded with the trauma of having your toiletries bag picked over by a burly male member of the TSA or you're merely hoping to avoid it from ever happening, knowing how to pack your cosmetics is an essential life skill for women on the go.

One of the most important things to remember is that all sharp and pointy objects - think tweezers, nail files and scissors - will arouse suspicion on an X-ray screen. That being said, these are all things that are best packed into your luggage. Save the essentials for your carry-on, and by essentials we mean only the things you'll need between take-off and landing (and possibly longer if you're not so lucky).

For this, we recommend moisturizer (think of how dry your skin feels from the altitude), some cover-up, lip balm or gloss, powder, makeup remover and water-resistant blinc Mascara.

The latter is equipped with a high-performance long-lasting formula to ensure that you depart and arrive with the same flawless fringe. The revolutionary tubing formula is gentle on lashes as well, providing optimum hold throughout any kind of weather or stress and coming off easily when you want it to.


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