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Tips to looking great in your wedding photographs

tips+to+looking+great+in+your+wedding+photographs_3356_800093722_0_0_7051798_300While women often want to look great in pictures, there is one day where taking a fantastic photograph is of the utmost importance - your wedding day. And while most brides are already beaming on their big day, there are a few handy tricks that can help you look picture perfect.

According to Sky.com's Showbiz, experts recommend practicing your posing in the mirror prior to the event, as many people don't realize what they're body looks like when they pose. On the wedding day, however, try not to freeze in one pose, or with one expression.

"It can be difficult to hold a pose and look natural," one photographer told the news source. "Keep looking away, and then looking back at the camera...this is a more organic way of posing."

Additionally, a bit of extra makeup may be helpful as well.

"Eyebrows fade in photographs, so ensure brows are well-defined and use eyelash curlers before applying mascara," beauty expert Catherine Barber told the news provider.

Blinc Eyebrow Mousse is great for making arches look their best, as it enhances brow color and fills in sparse patches to create natural-looking, impeccably defined eyebrows.


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