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Wedding day makeup that won't budge

wedding+day+makeup+that+won+t+budge_3356_800263444_0_0_7051798_300Your wedding day will be one of the happiest occasions of your life, and the last thing on your mind should be whether or not your makeup is running. Luckily, there are a few products that will keep your cosmetics from melting.

Whether your running around greeting guests, catching up with loved ones or getting down on the dance floor, you'll likely work up a sweat during the celebration. However, a good primer can keep your makeup from running.

"When you're primping before your ceremony, choose a makeup primer that doesn't contain any oil or silicone," TheKnot.com reports. "It'll act as a sponge for your foundation, keeping it in place and preventing it from seeping into or slipping off of your skin all day long."

Selecting cosmetics that stay put may be even more important - runny makeup could stain your white gown and leave marks on your husband's tuxedo jacket when you rest your head on his shoulder during your first dance. The website recommends applying an oil-free foundation, which absorbs oil and locks in moisture to stay in place.

Additionally, a water-resistant tubing mascara, like blinc Mascara, won't run, flake or smudge, leaving your garments (and face!) residue-free.


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