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What any daytime makeup bag requires

what+any+daytime+makeup+bag+requires_3356_800504556_0_0_7004482_300Whether you're in high school or you're in high status at your nine-to-five office job, every woman requires a few basic makeup essentials to get her through a long day that doesn't always give her time to primp and touch up her visage.

Long hours anywhere can take your look down a notch or two, so always be sure to have the following wear-resistant items to stay looking fresh and on top of your game.

1. Some blinc Eyeshadow Phase One. There's nothing like creased or smudged shadow to make a look fly south, but with this fantastic eyeshadow primer, you won't need to worry about those carefully-shaded creases going anywhere.

2. A pressed powder compact. It's natural to get a little shiny throughout the day, but you don't have to let anyone else know. Translucent powder will help mattify any shiny zones and keep any future breakouts at bay (oil-removing face wipes are great for this purpose too).

3. A tube of blinc Mascara. Unlike other waterproof brands, blinc's revolutionary water-resistant formula binds to lashes in a unique way to prevent flaking, running or smudging, so you'll stay looking just as bright-eyed and fabulous as when you first applied it in the morning.


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