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What's in your makeup bag as you fly off to your winter getaway?

what+s+in+your+makeup+bag+as+you+fly+off+to+your+winter+getaway_3356_800316164_0_0_10669_300If you thought you could just put aside all that beach makeup advice for the winter, think again - many ladies will be packing their bags during the colder months to get away to a place that's a bit warmer.

If you're travelling to an exotic locale, take advantage of the sun's rays and all the wonders it can do for your pallid complexion. However, you may want to tailor your makeup routine to reflect the warmer climate.

The rule of thumb has traditionally been to leave the makeup at home, but for ladies that can't bear to go totally bare, there's a few options that will fare well in fair weather.

Opt for tinted moisturizer rather than powder or foundation, preferably one with an SPF. Your skin will need to stay hydrated in the sun no matter what, and a hint of coverage wouldn't hurt either.

As for blush, the sun will probably take care of that for you, so focus on playing up your eyes a little. Go ahead and sweep a natural-looking shade of eyeshadow over your lids, finishing with a couple coats of a water-resistant mascara. Use blinc Mascara to resist the elements all day long. The unique formula encases lashes in miniature tubes rather than going on like a paint and comes off gently when you want it to.


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