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Blake Lively enhances eyes without too many cosmetics

blake+lively+enhances+eyes+without+too+many+cosmetics_3356_800161113_0_0_7069936_300When women want to emphasize their eyes, they usually load up on black eyeliner and bold eyeshadow. However, one of Hollywood's most glamorous gals recently proved that less makeup may be more, especially when applied strategically.

At the New York City launch party for the Vertu phone, Blake Lively looked absolutely stunning, and most of the attention went directly to her sparkling eyes. Most notable about her look, however, is that the starlet was sporting little more than a shimmery highlighter and loads of mascara.

It's impressive that Lively was able to play up her peepers without heavy eye makeup, but the trick is that the blonde beauty applied the shadow not to her lids but to the inside corners of her eyes. This added a subtle touch of sparkle that really opened up her eyes.

Of course, mascara was also integral in creating this eye-catching look. Lively's mile-long lashes were coated in layers of black mascara, giving her a beautiful, wide-eyed stare that was glamorous without being over-the-top.

Ladies looking to emphasize their eyes should remember a plethora of products aren't always necessary - a little shimmer and a lot of mascara can go a long way!


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