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Celebrity tip to creating fantastic-looking lashes

celebrity+tip+to+creating+fantastic+looking+lashes_3356_800090490_0_0_14443_300Women seem to be on a constant search for products that will give them fuller, longer-looking lashes, but few may realize that using a special tool to apply mascara may be key in obtaining traffic-stopping lashes.

According to People.com, celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin used a fan brush to create gorgeous lashes for Jennifer Aniston.

"To make her blue eyes really pop, I finished with three coats of mascara," Angela Levin told the news source. "I applied one coat [using a fan brush], then brushed out the lashes, a second coat, again brushed out the lashes, and finally a third coat."

While mascara is a wonderful way to play up one's eyes, some women aren't blessed with naturally long lashes that they can emphasize. Ladies who desire fuller fringe may want to consider using a product like blinc Long Lash, which is formulated to make natural lashes appear longer, thicker and fuller.

Best of all, blinc Long Lash can be applied underneath makeup, so women who use it will not have to interrupt their daily routine to get longer-looking lashes.


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