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Francesca Tolot paints on makeup and loves mascara

francesca+tolot+paints+on+makeup+and+loves+mascara_3356_800203938_0_0_7010335_300Famous for creating Madonna's iconic face in the video Burning Up and transforming Beyonce into a Dreamgirl, Francesca Tolot is unique among makeup artists in her rare, painter-like method of application. She recently sat down for a chat with the Malaysia Star and shared her thoughts on makeup and her belief in "less is more."

Tolot, who is always in great demand for red carpet attending celebrities, uses painting techniques when applying makeup - she layers colors to create a 3D effect.

"Never use a single color as that comes out flat. ...If you want a peach color, use pink and then add orange. That way, you will get peach that is warm, transparent and soft," she told the news source.

Tolot also subscribes to the industry's belief in keeping makeup minimal.

"Sometimes all that is needed is a little mascara or a stain on the lips," she added.

Asked what she would take if she were stranded on a desert island, Tolot replied that after ensuring she had skin-protecting products, mascara and lipstick top her list.

Fans of Tolot's artistry may want to try an acrylic-based mascara that won't smudge or smear, as it won't flake and interfere with beautiful, layered makeup.


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