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How to achieve the most natural eye makeup

tons+of+makeup+isn+t+necessary+but+the+right+products+are_3356_800773801_0_0_14010024_300Not all women are comfortable with trying out the latest eye makeup trends and giving their peepers extra definition. If you'd rather rely on subtle makeup to enhance your features, it's easy to do so with the right blinc cosmetics.

Instead of eyeshadow, People Magazine recommends using bronzer to give your eyes a bit more depth without seeming unnatural. Apply the bronzer from your lash lines all the way up to your brows, focusing a bit more on the creases. If you want a slightly different look for nighttime, find a bronzer with shimmer.

Now, use a heated eyelash curler to give your lashes curves and make your eyes appear slightly wider. Apply a thin line of brown liquid eyeliner from the middle of your upper lash lines to the outer corners, being careful to stick as close to the roots as possible. Do the same on your lower lash lines, starting from the center. To finish, just use a coat of brown tube mascara for a bit of extra length. Still looks like you in the mirror, doesn't it?


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