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How to copy Keira Knightley's premiere-night look

how+to+copy+keira+knightley+s+premiere+night+look_3356_800201258_0_0_8606_300Is there ever a time when Keira Knightley doesn't look like a million bucks? While there is no denying that she is naturally gorgeous, the Pirates of the Caribbean star looked especially fantastic at the London premiere of Never Let Me Go.

And, though we may not all be as genetically blessed as Ms Knightley, women looking to replicate her stunning look may be in luck. InStyle magazine recently spoke with Kate Lee, the makeup artist responsible for Knightley's premiere-night appearance.

"I wanted the makeup to create an iconic image that would still look current years from now," Lee told the news source.

To achieve this, the makeup artist focused on Knightley's eyes. She lined the top and bottom lids with black pencil, smudging the makeup at the outer corners to soften the effect, and then applied a platinum cream shadow.

While Lee placed a few faux lashes on the actress' lids, the news outlet reports that her eyes were emphasized with multiple coats of black mascara.

Women who plan to copy Keira's makeup for a big event may want to use a tubing mascara, so gals won't have to worry about the product smudging, smearing or flaking throughout the entire night.


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