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Kristen Stewart rocks bold eyes and lips

stewart+rocks+bold+eyes+and+lips_3356_800128675_0_0_7065367_300Makeup artists often advise women to pick one feature to emphasize - eyes or lips - covering the rest of the face with minimal cosmetics. However, one of Hollywood's hottest young stars, Kristen Stewart, recently turned her nose at the advice, as she stepped out wearing bold eye and lip makeup.

At a New York screening of Welcome to the Rileys, the famous Twilight star wore sultry brown eyeshadow and black mascara, and boasted a crimson-colored pout.

While she wore dark makeup on both her eyes and lips, Stewart mixed it up by opting for two very different applications - while her eyeshadow was smudged and imperfect, her lipstick was extremely precise and impeccably applied, creating a nice balance.

Gals who want to recreate Stewart's bold look should remember to pay attention to details. A lip pencil can create a cleanly lined mouth, and can help to keep lip color from fading.

Whenever women opt to go heavy on their eye makeup, mascara is a must. Women who are preparing for a big night out may want to try a tubing mascara, as the long-lasting product won't flake, smear or smudge.


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