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Nicole Richie emphasizes eye color

nicole+richie+emphasizes+eye+color_3356_800093728_0_0_5086_300With the wide range of cosmetics available, it can be easy to go overboard when applying eye makeup. And while some may think that you need shadows, shimmers, creams and liners to create a striking appearance, sometimes little more than liner and mascara are needed for a truly dynamic look.

At a recent book signing in New York City, Nicole Richie stepped out looking fabulous, and while she wasn't wearing much makeup, the few products she did use were stunning.

Instead of layers of eyeshadow and shimmer, Richie traced her top lash line with a bold black liner and played up her lashes with a few coats of black mascara. While one may think that not using color would create a boring look, the lack of pigment actually drew attention to Richie's eyes, letting her amber-colored peepers take center stage.

Richie also kept the focus on her eyes by keeping the rest of her makeup simple, opting for a sheer, rosy blush and a touch of lip gloss.

Ladies who want to emphasize their eye color should consider rocking black liner and mascara like Richie. Without competing hues surrounding them, gals' eyes can truly pop.


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