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A few new products to add to your fall beauty routine

a+few+new+products+to+add+to+your+fall+beauty+routine_3356_800098216_0_0_7070089_300Most women have a few staples in their cosmetics cases, and this can often make for a quick, flattering and generally error-free application. However, ladies who use the same products every day can easily get into a beauty rut.

While there is no reason to abandon your favorites, why not try out a few new items this fall? There are a couple simple ways to enliven your look without dramatically changing your routine.

Though many women swear by bronzer, especially in the colder months when skin is more apt to be pale, Yahoo! Shine recommends warming up your complexion with a pink-peach blush. After all, a flirtatious glow can be flattering year-round.

Instead of reaching for your basic black eyeliner, why not mix things up and rim your lash line with a navy product? According to the news provider, the blue undertones will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

Additionally, women who regularly stick on faux lashes may want to skip the fake fringe and try mascara.

"There's no need to mess with fake fringe when you can easily pump up your own lashes," the news source reports.

When applying the product, begin by shaping lashes with an eyelash curler and then brush on two coats of mascara, working the brush into the roots of the lashes and slowly combing it through to the ends.


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