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A new, approachable twist on the smoky eye

a+new+approachable+twist+on+the+smoky+eye_3356_800093422_0_0_7062390_300While most women have embraced the smoky eye at one point or another, there is a new version of the application that is sultry and bold, yet possesses an innocence that transforms the look from intense to alluring.

Instead of applying heavy pigment around the entire eye, the shadow is confined to the upper lid, leaving the lower lash line almost bare. Eyes still smolder, but look a bit wider, more awake and playful than conventional smoky eyes.

And, it seems that one Hollywood starlet has embraced this look. At an after-party for a New York City screening of her new movie, Tamara Drewe, actress Gemma Arterton rocked slate shadow on her lids, extending the color to the crease, and while her lower lash line was mostly bare, the pigment blended slightly below the outside corner of her eye.

This bold-but-approachable eye is great for a fun night out, but women should remember to apply mascara before heading out the door. After shadow is applied, brush your top lashes with several coats of water-resistant mascara to further emphasize your peepers and complete the look.

Unlike traditional smoky eyes, however, skip mascara on lower lashes, as the product may take away from the clean line of the look.


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