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Conceal undereye circles for an impeccable look

conceal+undereye+circles+for+an+impeccable+look_3356_800207725_0_0_7070088_300No matter how impeccable your eye makeup is, undereye circles can ruin a beautiful look. However, there are simple ways to treat these discolored areas, and your face will easily appear flawless.

If the circles have a blue tint, skin beneath the eye is most likely thin. Allure magazine suggests using a treatment that boasts retinol and vitamin K, which will thicken the skin and keep capillaries from leaking, respectively.

Women with brown-colored circles, however, may want to use a product with up to two percent hydroquinone, which can help to lighten skin, the news source reports.

Good concealer is key in quickly reducing the appearance of discolored skin beneath your eyes, and the news outlet reports that ladies should use a formula that either matches one's complexion or is a shade lighter.

However, when applying the makeup, concentrate the formula from the inner corner to the middle of the eye, where the skin is most discolored.

Additionally, make sure that you wear tubing mascara. The product won't smudge or flake, so the mascara won't run and make circles appear even darker.


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