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Home remedies to make lashes shiny and thick

While not everyone may have been blessed with luscious, long lashes, there are a few homemade remedies that may help to make lashes appear shiny and full.

Various substances such as olive oil, castor oil, sweet almonds and vaseline can nurture lashes when applied regularly, according to ArabTimesOnline.com. To try this at home, women can use an eyelash brush or a mascara brush to coat their lashes in the product and leave it on overnight.

A woman's diet can also affect the thickness of her lashes as a lack of protein can inhibit lash growth, according to LashGrowth.net.

Proper makeup removal is also important. Ladies are advised to do so carefully without applying too much pressure and instead use circular movements, the website advises. Women can use a natural makeup remover such as black or chamomile tea to wash their faces free of cosmetics.

In order to define their eyes, ladies may want to try blinc's Long Lash, which can give them a natural, full eyelash look.


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