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How to properly apply eyeliner

Eyeliner can be one of the most difficult products to apply as it requires a steady hand and a lot of practice. However, learning how to correctly put on the product may be worth the time, as eyeliner can help define eyes and add intensity.

Because liner can smudge easily and eyelids tend to be greasy, Rae Morris, celebrity makeup artist, suggests ridding eyelids of oily residue with an alcohol-free makeup remover prior to application and dusting lids with powder that will absorb oils throughout the day.

Before applying eyeliner, Morris recommends putting pencils in the freezer for 30 seconds. Ladies can then remove the chilled liner and sharpen the pencil.

Those who have a hard time creating a steady line can use a piece of scotch tape as a stencil. As a general rule of thumb, eyeliner on top of the lid should be three times thicker than the bottom line.

Morris told the news source that women who have rounder eyes can create an almond-shape around their eyes with a powder or gel liner. However, those with elongated or oval shaped eyes may find that pencils and pens are easier to use.

To complete eye definition women can apply acrylic-based tubing mascara that matches their chosen eyeliner color.


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