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How to replicate Cleopatra's eye makeup

how+to+replicate+cleopatra+s+eye+makeup_3356_800205704_0_0_7057644_300With Halloween a few days away, many people are working hard to put the last minute touches on their costumes. Women who are still trying to figure out who (or what) they should dress up as may want to channel their inner queen and become Cleopatra.

However, the most important component to making a fantastic Cleopatra costume may lie within recreating her dramatic eye makeup. Luckily, with a bit of expert advice, this won't be hard to do.

"Use a black liquid liner with a wide felt tip - this will give you a nice thick line without having to paint your lash line over and over and over again," Allure magazine reports.

Gals should begin by lining their eyes completely, going over the outline to make the makeup as dark and dramatic as possible. To capture Cleopatra's spectacular look, don't forget the cat-eye detailing.

"Extend the line from the outer corner of the eye directly across until it reaches the outer tip of your eyebrow," the news source suggests.

Finally, brush on multiple coats of black mascara. Elizabeth Taylor, who portrayed the famous queen, was blessed with a double set of lashes. While you may not boast such fringe, mascara can help your lashes look especially thick and full.


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