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  • The best light for applying a smoky eye

    the+best+light+for+applying+a+smoky+eye_3356_800207723_0_0_7070089_300When putting on a smoky eye, a precise application is key. The elegant and sultry look can require intricate shading and impeccable layering. To make the process easier, women should make sure they are using the optimal lighting.

    According to Allure magazine, makeup artist Pat McGrath says that the best light by which to apply your makeup is natural light, because it's unforgiving (meaning you can see every flaw that needs fixing) but not harsh.

    However, smoky eyes tend to be worn at evening affairs, and ladies layering on shadow and coats of mascara aren't likely to be crafting the look during the day.

    When sunlight isn't an option, McGrath suggests using a halogen bulb, as it is the closest alternative to daylight in its tone. Regardless, women may want to stay away from fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

    "Fluorescent lights has a green cast that makes the skin look washed out and sickly," McGrath writes in the publication. "Incandescent bulbs...give off a warm yellow light that's more flattering to the skin but doesn't give you the same level of detail, so you run the risk of missing an area that's not completely blended."

  • Look alert in the early morning

    look+alert+in+the+early+morning_3356_800212535_0_0_7024947_300As winter nears and temperatures drop, it is starting to become more and more tempting to hit the snooze alarm and stay in your warm bed for a few extra minutes. However, no matter how comfortable your comforter is, eventually you must get up and face the day.

    And while you may feel like you want to crawl back into bed, there are a few easy ways to keep your appearance looking bright and sunny.

    Before applying eye makeup, curl your lashes. This is one of the easiest ways to open up your peepers and you'll instantly look more awake. After you've curled your lashes, coat your fringe with navy blue mascara, as the cool tone will make the whites of your eyes look even whiter.

    Today's Natalie Morales, who regularly has to get up at 4:15 am to film her show, recently spoke to Self magazine about how she looks her best in the morning.

    "Brighten those shadows. Our makeup artist uses golds or lighter colors to open my eyes more," she told the publication.

  • Tricks to making eye makeup application easier

    tricks+to+making+eye+makeup+application+easier_3356_800212536_0_0_7070091_300Many women spend years perfecting the art of eye makeup application. And while sometimes it simply takes a bit of practice, there are a few tips that can help gals navigate the tricky waters of applying impeccable eye makeup.

    According to Self magazine, mascara should be put on first, especially if you plan to apply liquid liner. The product will stiffen lashes, which will give the liner something to hold on to as well as help guide the wand along your lash line.

    However, the publication reminds women to make sure they pay attention to which direction their mascara wand is pointing when applying the product. The end of the brush should always be pointing toward your nose, so that the brush's bristles (thin to thick) line up with lashes (short to long).

    Finally, to ensure you get the perfect cat-eye when drawing on liquid liner, the news source recommends using a product that boasts a brush, not a felt tip, as they glide on more precisely than other items.

  • How to recreate bold '60s-style eye makeup

    how+to+recreate+bold+60s+style+eye+makeup_3356_800212537_0_0_10492_300It seems that certain looks never go out of style, and one such trend was first popularized in the '60s - bold eye makeup. Icons such as Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick rocked this look, and according to O Magazine, it can be easy to replicate with little more than eyeliner, shadow and mascara.

    Before applying liner or mascara, define your eyes with a taupe-colored shadow, which is a subtle and effective way to make your peepers pop.

    Next, the news source recommends using two different types of eyeliner - a liquid liner and a cream liner. Draw a bold black line of liquid makeup along your top lashline, and then apply a dark brown cream liner beneath your lower lashes, as this will balance out the heavier streak on top.

    "The final, key component: major lashes," the news provider reports. "Layer on up to three coats of black mascara."

    Because you will be wearing a significant amount of black eye makeup, make sure to use products that are water-resistant so that you won't have to worry about dark circles of cosmetics collecting under your eyes.

  • How Scotch tape saved your eyeshadow

    Desk supplies are essential at the office but once you learn a few quick tricks they can also become indispensable items in your makeup bag.

    People StyleWatch recently published a great eye makeup tip that can help even the most unskilled artists turn instantly pro.

    Celebrity makeup artist Jim Crawford surrendered his favorite trick to the source: he recommends applying a small piece of tape to the outer corner of your eye on a slant toward your brow before dusting on a coat of your favorite neutral shadow. The result? When you peel off the tape and soften the edges with your finger, you have flawless application that matches your bone structure.

    The uses for this trick reach far and wide. Try if before work or use it for more formal events like weddings and birthday bashes. To maximize sophistication, you could try pairing any number of shadows and hues with a water resistant or tubing mascara. The product won't smear or flake so your look will remain impeccable.

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