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  • Generate heat with smoldering eye makeup for the holidays

    There are more than a few ways to keep warm as the holidays near, and your makeup bag is one place to start.

    Instead of roasting chestnuts, how about a smoky chestnut shadow?

    Beauty expert Tom Ford gave up a few hot hints to Marie Claire for holiday makeup that heats better than hand warmers, and a "strong, dramatic eye" was one of them. Ford, who often creates smoky eyes for his runway shows, said he's "constantly drawn to this look."

    Ladies who want to try out a smoky eye this season should remember to emphasize their brows as well.

    An eyebrow mousse can enhance the shape and fullness of your eyebrows, helping to perfectly frame your sultry stare.

    Don't forget to give your lashes a healthy dose of volume - a tubing mascara will make your lashes appear longer and fuller, and it should last for hours.

  • For the bored, using shadow as liner can be refreshing

    for+the+bored+using+shadow+as+liner+can+be+refreshing_3356_800232119_0_0_7067026_300While it's easy to feel as though you are in a rut, there are always simple ways to liven up your makeup routine, and one of the best places to start is bending the limits of what your product should do.

    According to Geniusbeauty.com, you can break eye makeup monotony by trying different application techniques, playing with the placement of your shadow, combining different pigments and skipping shadow all together.

    Instead of rimming your eyes with a regular pencil, the news source suggests using eyeshadow instead of eyeliner. Wet a thin eyeshadow brush and use it to apply your shadow along your lash line.

    To further enhance your eyes, don't forget about your lashes! Black or brown mascara would work best with most shadow shades, but you could even try a dark blue or dark purple mascara to match or contrast with the pigment.

    If you're feeling adventuresome, try lining your eyes with some bright or shimmery metallic shadows. However, even the most traditional girls can benefit from this technique, as matte, neutral pigments can be applied as well.

  • Turn an eye to the 1920s for a dark vintage mode

    turn+an+eye+to+the+1920s+for+a+dark+vintage+mode_3356_800234386_0_0_7031190_300Think stop-reel film and bustling beads, or the swank of a jazz trumpet blowing from an underground dive bar. Usually, images of pale skinned beauties with rosy cheeks, heart-shaped lips and eyes rimmed in moody dark rings will quickly come to mind.

    The 1920s were a time for women to enjoy greater equality and freedom of expression, and the sophisticated style which emerged is still fun to imitate.

    Back then, women opted for pale complexions, rimmed their eyes with dark liner and painted their mouths with traffic-stopping shades of lipstick.

    To stay true to the times, stick to traditional eyeliner and mascara colors such as black and dark brown. Line both lids with a soft pencil and smudge. Apply a bit of dark shadow to your lids, but not past the crease. For signature, spidery lashes, apply at least two coats of your favorite black mascara to both upper and lower lashes.

    Complete the look with a bold lip color. However, be careful when selecting a shade - because there weren't many hues to choose from in the 20s, women usually wore either a deep plum or a bright red.

  • Eye makeup had hidden perks for ancient Egyptians

    eye+makeup+had+hidden+perks+for+ancient+egyptians_3356_800234494_0_0_7057644_300According to recent findings, it seems that the Egyptians valued preservation, and not just that of royal corpses. French researchers found that the heavily painted lids of the ancients served a cosmetic purpose and protected against eye infections, reports National Geographic.

    Men and women of all ranks and classes wore the black and green powders, which were believed to have magical medicinal powers evoking the gods Horus and Ra.

    The news source reports that researchers found traces of lead in the powders, which had unexpectedly beneficial properties. When the compounds came in contact with skin, they boosted the production of immune-supporting chemicals which may have helped the Egyptians ward off eye infections bred in marshy Nile banks such as conjunctivitis.

    Protecting against a bacterial infection may be the last thing on your mind in 2010, but Cleopatra's eye makeup never lost its magical power of seduction.

    To dance like an Egyptian, rim your eyes with a dark, smoky eyeshadow or eyeliner, extending the line to create a signature cat eye. A water-resistant tubing mascara, like blinc Mascara, can help preserve your lashes well through the day and have you looking alive - not mummified!

  • Fall eye makeup goes to the vampires

    fall+eye+makeup+goes+to+the+vampires_3356_800237182_0_0_7041916_300As the skies and overall mood grow dusky for autumn, top designers are drawing more inspiration than blood from a favorite cultural icon - vampires.

    According to The Globe and Mail, runways this season have been filled with models wearing sinister shades of black, wine and indigo on lips and eyes.

    Makeup artist Liz Pugh attributed the rise in the popularity of gothic makeup to the "massive cultural reference to vampires at the moment: Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood,” she posed.

    Lest we defer to looking scary, however, the emphasis this fall is on playing 'bad' and looking good while doing it. To amp (or vamp) up the sophistication level, keep eye makeup minimal with bold lips and vice versa.

    However, industry expert Greg Wencel told the news source that ladies can try pairing a dark lip with a smokey eye for extra special occasions, but suggested that "the combo should be monochromatic to look contemporary" and that shades of plum or burgundy are a better alternative to black.

    Of course, no devilish look is complete without a pair of arched, calculating brows. Try blinc Eyebrow Mousse to create the full, strong eyebrow essential to the season's trends.

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