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  • How to get the perfect cat-eye

    how+to+get+the+perfect+cat+eye_3356_800341974_0_0_7027756_300We may try, but we can't always successfully pull off the foxy cat-eyes we see on other ladies. Fortunately, there's a simple rule of thumb for anyone who's intimidated of winging it a little.

    Lauren Conrad's makeup artist Amy Nadine shared her secret with People Magazine regarding the starlet's affinity for the cat-like look. The trick? A little bit of foresight.

    "Spot the end of your brow and visualize an imaginary line from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow - that's the angle that you want to draw the wing. With light brush strokes, create the wing incrementally," Nadine told the news source.

    And remember - no flirty gaze is complete without full, feathery lashes. Once you've got a perfect liner application, brush on a few coats of blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula will stay with you through thick and thin, keeping your gaze looking just as smoldering as it did when you first put it on. With a revolutionary formula that encases lashes in miniature tubes, you'll get optimal performance and minimal stress to your lashes.

  • Pretty in pink

    pretty+in+pink_3356_800344776_0_0_7037931_300In light of all this wintry weather we've been having, many of us have unwittingly been flaunting that flushed, just-came-in-from-the-cold look that so many ladies fail to appreciate as they gripe about their dry skin and ghostly, pallid complexions.

    That being said, there's no better season to see what a soft pink palette can do for you in terms of capitalizing on your already gorgeous winter glow (seriously). Whether you're naturally fair or dark-skinned, pink makeup colors will flatter any woman, ranging from the softest cherub hues to lively magenta colors.

    If you use bronzer, blend a small amount of pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks to take the edge off the fake-bake and make your coloring look more natural. Pair with a light pink gloss that's just a shade or two deeper than your lip color.

    Find a palette of pink eyeshadows to play with on your lids. A dusty rose color looks excellent when blended into the crease, especially when paired with a light pink or champagne-colored shadow highlighting your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes.

    Finish with just one or two light coats of blinc Mascara. The formula will give you soft, feathery lashes that don't compete with your natural, demure look while providing optimum hold throughout the day.

  • An eyeliner trick to keep in your makeup bag

    an+eyeliner+trick+to+keep+in+your+makeup+bag_3356_800344770_0_0_7044520_300While many women may know how to line their eyes, it can be more confusing when it comes to how to line their inner rims. However, Glamour.com claims that it doesn't have to be too tricky.

    "Just put the point of your pencil right into the base of your outer eyelashes and draw in, stopping a few millimeters before you reach the inner corner. Just make sure to lighten up your touch as you go so the line gets softer the closer you get to your nose," the news source suggests.

    This handy trick could open up a world of beauty possibilities for lots of ladies, as most smoky-eyed styles require a bit of smudging on the lower lid, and some of the more attention-grabbing shades of eyeshadow look extra nice when they rim the entire eye.

    You'll also want to make your lashes pop, so finish with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its long-lasting water-resistant formula will give you optimum hold on both upper and lower lashes without the risk of flaking or smudging.

  • The benefits of blue eyeliner

    the+benefits+of+blue+eyeliner_3356_800353364_0_0_7070090_300Going blue is not such a shock when you consider how instantly gorgeous you'll look with just a little unconventional eyeliner.

    Vanessa Romero made this all too apparent when she donned the stuff at a recent event. The Spanish actress brought a little extra intrigue to her gaze by lining her lower lids with cobalt blue liner and pairing it with bronze pigment on top, finishing it off with warm blush and petal pink lipstick.

    "Mismatching your top and bottom shades always makes peepers look a little more interesting from far away. For some reason, folks just want to get in closer and check out what's going on," Glamour.com reports.

    Even if you just stick with the blue, your eyes will instantly pop as this particular shade of eyeliner will make any lady's eyes look brighter. Using blinc eyeliner in blue draws attention to the whites of your eyes, allowing you to look more awake regardless of how much coffee you've had.

    Don't be afraid to pair with blue mascara for an extra alluring effect. Use blinc Mascara for its long-lasting, water-resistant formula.

  • Yet another eye-brightening technique

    yet+another+eye+brightening+technique_3356_800353368_0_0_14001538_300If you're continually looking for ways to brighten up your gaze this winter, here's another trick that'll help you steal the spotlight away from all those heaps of blinding snow.

    Glamour.com recommends taking makeup artist Charlotte Willer's lead by adding a little shimmer to the center of your lid. While Willer made models' eyes sparkle by dabbing a bit of eyelash glue to the middle of the lids and sweeping a bit of glitter on top, you can tone this trick down a bit for daytime purposes by applying some shimmery shadow to the same spot above your pupil.

    According to the news source, this trick will make eyes "look really big and round like a doll's."

    To complete your wide-eyed appearance, apply a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant formula encases lashes in miniature tubes to lengthen and volumize without compromising on hold, so your gaze will stay fresh with no danger of flaking or smudging - not to mention it's gentle, coming off easily at night with just a little warm water and rubbing.

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