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A recipe for Golden Globe-worthy brows

a+recipe+for+golden+globe+worthy+brows_3356_800347794_0_0_7070973_300We may not all be naturally blessed like Selena Gomez, but even this young actress had a few tricks up her sleeve when it came to creating her perfectly arched brows for the 68th annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.

According to Racked.com, Selena's makeup artist, Karan Mitchell, groomed and shaped her brows to give them that "defined, yet not overdone" look that the website spotlights. Mitchell used pigment to fill in Selena's brows with light, upward strokes, which she then blended to make it look more natural.

To draw attention to the area, Mitchell used a highlighting shadow on Selena's brow bone, and then set her brows with clear gel.

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