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A smoky eye for the Belle of the ball

a+smoky+eye+for+the+belle+of+the+ball_3356_800361778_0_0_7062061_300In case you haven't tired yet of reading about smoky shadow, there's a new rendition that's catching everyone's eyes.

Camilla Belle recently stepped out with a smoldering gaze that showed everyone a new take on the eye makeup classic. Belle managed to wear a dark shadow on her lower lids without looking bruised, and finished off the whole look without any obvious edges.

What's the secret behind her softness? Belle swept gray shadow along her upper and lower lash line and kept the application of her ultra-thin black eyeliner fairly minimal. She blended a dusty rose color into her crease, and kept things light with a shimmery champagne color on the inner corners of her eyes. Ultimately, Belle was a master blender, as the colors all ran seamlessly together with no harsh lines in sight.

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