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Best brow practices for the sweltering summer heat

best+brow+practices+for+the+sweltering+summer+heat_3356_800545166_0_0_7070087_300Anyone who has ever sat through a melting mid-July heatwave knows that not all makeup is built to withstand the summertime. In this instance, foundation and mascara especially come to mind, but where do some of the less obvious details fit into the big sweaty picture?

When it comes to brow maintenance, not all of us immediately wonder what will come of our pencils once the thermostat breaks 85 Fahrenheit. Much to the dismay of many fans of the strong, bold brow, many standard brow products look positively melty in the hot, hot heat.

Fortunately, there's a market for water-resistant formulas where our arches are concerned, and blinc Eyebrow Mousse has sought to eliminate many of the same day-long concerns that blinc Mascara and blinc Eye Shadow Primer have successfully tackled.

Unlike standard eyebrow pencils, blinc Eyebrow Mousse lends color and volume to sparse-looking brows in a budgeproof, water-resistant formula that maintains brow shape throughout the day. In addition, the formula is packed with conditioning and anti-aging properties to benefit the skin below.