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Blinc liquid eyeliner and tube mascara is perfect for sensitive eyes

blinc+liquid+eyeliner+and+tube+mascara+is+perfect+for+sensitive+eyes_3356_800751748_0_0_14052083_300If you have sensitive eyes or regularly suffer from allergies, you know how difficult it can be to wear everything from liquid eyeliner to eyeshadow. People who are constantly rubbing their eyes seemingly have little options when it comes to cosmetics.

However, there are a few things you can do to relieve eye sensitivity while maintaining your beautiful looks. First, you might want to keep eye drops on hand, especially during allergy season. This can keep your peepers from becoming itchy, provoking you to rub your eyes when you have glamorous makeup on them.

Next, consider how sensitive your eyes are to light. For example, many people have trouble seeing when they are outdoors under bright sunlight. If this is the case with you, have a pair of sunglasses in your purse at all times to keep your eyes from tearing up.

Finally, think about the eye makeup you're wearing - not all cosmetics are meant for people with sensitive eyes. However, blinc's liquid eyeliner and tube mascara are the exceptions - these cosmetics are composed of no-run formulas, specifically designed for those with delicate peepers.