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Blinc Trivia: Can you paint with all the colors of your eye shadow?

blinc+trivia+can+you+paint+with+all+the+colors+of+your+eye+shadow_3356_800523203_0_0_7013114_300The world of professional makeup artistry knows no bounds, and this is certainly no less the case with makeup genius Katie Alves.

Alves has been taking the beauty world by storm thanks to her amazingly-rendered eyelids featuring detailed Disney scenes. Think the Mad Hatter's tea party, an Aladdin sunset or a swirly Nightmare Before Christmas masterpiece - all painted on one's lids in the utmost detail. As Fashionista.com puts it, "the girl can do with make-up what most people can barely do with paint, let alone on a tiny patch of fragile skin."

We're sure it takes an extra-skilled set of fingers to pull off something like this, but even those with slightly less impressive masterpieces to impose on their eyelids can make use of a good eye shadow primer like blinc Eyeshadow Phase One. We're willing to bet Alves couldn't have made her creations stick without a smudge and crease-resistant base.

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