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Blinc Trivia: Groomed brows are 'key' this spring

blinc+trivia+groomed+brows+are+key+this+spring_3356_800461275_0_0_14005343_300If there were ever a facial feature that didn't get the credit it deserves, brows would surely be up there. The fact that they frame your face, convey all sorts of expressions and, when done right, can make you the sultriest goddess in the room, is plenty to get excited about.

This season, however, our attention will surely be focused on these gaze-framers, as professionals in the business have been buzzing about them.

Makeup artist Kiralee Hubbard told the Indianapolis Star that groomed brows are "key," as long as they're not too dark.
"Most people are really surprised by the brow shadow I pick for them," she told the news source, noting that her clients tend to pick darker shades than she normally would.

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