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Blinc Trivia: Try runaway eyeliner with your t-shirt and jeans combo

blinc+trivia+try+runaway+eyeliner+with+your+t+shirt+and+jeans+combo_3356_800704786_0_0_14001538_300With the weekend on the horizon, it can be tough to get all dolled up for a day of shopping or running errands. However, you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Thankfully, by using liquid eyeliner, you can give your eyes added definition and a hint of color.

According to Glamour.com, the runaway eyeliner look has become especially popular. Whether flicked upwards to form a cat eye or a winged look, there are countless ways that the product can reinvent your style. Be adventurous and find a shape that works with your ensemble and facial features.

Pair your dark eyeliner with a soft lip color and be sure to finish your eye makeup with an application of tube mascara. This will encase your lashes in tubes and prevent your cosmetics from running or smudging throughout the day.

On a lazy Saturday, you can still look your best and get a lot accomplished with this carefree makeup style that won't take long to throw together.

Trivia Question: Which country singer was offered a role to star in Les Misérables but lost it to another actress? Go to facebook.com/blincinc to answer and win free blinc cosmetics!