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Blinc Trivia: Weathering the extremes of eyebrow trends

blinc+trivia+weathering+the+extremes+of+eyebrow+trends_3356_800477670_0_0_14006161_300While it's true that most trends tend to sway to one extreme or the other, it seems that this spring's brow lookbook is pulling us in two directions. On one hand, the strong, bold brow is as ravishing as ever, but some fashion designers have gone the complete opposite way and shown us all how interesting a bleached, barely-there brow can look.

"First, there is the uber-natural trend...with brows looking fuller," BecomeGorgeous.com explains. "On the other hand, there are certain designers...who bleached the eyebrows, yet maintain their natural, dense shape. Bleaching brightens up your look and emphasizes the color of your eyes."

While both these looks might sound slightly crazy to some, it's been proven that going to extremes can reap some serious beauty benefits, at least when it comes to brows.

If you're still on Team Bold Brow, at least you won't have to reach for any tricky bleach products to master your look. A few swipes of blinc Eyebrow Mousse, and you'll be all set. This patented formula is designed to lend color and volume to sparse-looking brows while offering conditioning and anti-aging benefits for the skin below.

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